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Using U.H.T. (Ultra High Temperature) technology Centro Latte Bonizzi produces milk, cream, béchamel sauce, vegetable cooking and whipping creams as well as soy and rice vegetable drinks; it is present on the market with its own brands and also packages products for other private labels.

The company was born in 1967 of the commitment and passion for milk of Giuseppe Bonizzi, who was one of the first entrepreneurs to believe in the technology of the innovative U.H.T. system and in its capacity to revolutionise the food market. Thanks to the company's innovative spirit and constant research Centro Latte Bonizzi continues to widen its range of products. The U.H.T. process, whereby milk is processed at ultra high temperature for a few seconds before being packaged in aseptic cartons without the addition of preservatives, makes it possible to keep the nutritional properties of the product for a long time and at room temperature.

Mr. Bonizzi was prompt to understand the opportunities of the U.H.T. system and so managed to develop the activities of his company on the whole Italian territory; the brand name now ranks among the leaders on its home market and competes with the major multinationals.

The plant is located in Soncino, in the heart of the Po Valley and occupies a 15,000 m2 surface area 7,000 m2 of which are covered. Thanks to a production capacity of 400,000 litres per day, the company is able to handle orders in an efficient and timely manner, meeting the demand of the large distribution as well as the small businesses operating locally throughout Italy.

Over the past few years the company's production has grown constantly, while remaining a family-run business ensuring direct interpersonal relations with customers.

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