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- Milkoscan S50
- Densimeter
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- Cryoscope
- pHmeter
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All the milk processing phases are controlled by automatic and IT systems, which allow Centro Latte Bonizzi to obtain absolutely safe results in terms of quality and quantity, as described in details in the self-monitoring plan (HACCP). The company also resorts to the services of external certified laboratories and operates in collaboration with the "Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore" of Piacenza to further monitor its HACCP system and update it thanks to continuous improvement.

The quality of the final product mainly depends on extremely careful checks carried out on the raw material; these are largely entrusted to the company's own technicians and to external collaborators. These tests are carried out when the milk is picked up at the collection centres and during storage operations in the tanks on the plant premises.
Milk suppliers based in Italy and in the EU, called to supplement the Italian deficit quota regime, are selected and assessed based on their capacity to provide raw materials and services that meet our quality standards and a production process in compliance with the EU regulations on health and trade.
After accurate chemical and microbiological testing during the acceptance phase, the milk is sent to the next processing phases.

• Standardisation of fat content to obtain whole, semi-skimmed or skimmed milk
• Homogenisation
• Sterilisation heat treatment at ultra high temperature (U.H.T.)
• Packaging

During and after packaging, further tests are carried out on the milk by the Quality Control Laboratory through samples taken directly on production lines in order to provide the final consumer with a quality product that is hygienically safe. More than 400 chemical and microbiological tests are carried out on an average daily production. Our company is currently equipped with U.H.T. plants and Tetra Pak machines that can handle about 400,000 litres of milk per day in fully aseptic conditions in order to obtain a final product with guaranteed organoleptic properties and that can be kept several months at room temperature. Packaging operations take place on various lines that differ according to the type of product and packaging.

At the end of each production cycle the equipment and conveying lines are washed using a CIP (cleaning in place) system with automatic cleansing and disinfection of the whole plant.

An efficient traceability network also guarantees operators of the sector total transparency in that the origin of the raw materials and production batches can be traced at all times.

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