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We make use of the best technologies in order to protect our products. All the nutritional properties of the Bonizzi milk are maintained and guaranteed by the Tetra Pak beverage carton, which ensures:

-Total hygiene and quality - thanks to the special barrier, milk is protected against external agents such as light, micro-organisms and air

-Long life - thanks to the aluminium foil the product can be stored out of the refrigerator for a long time, up to more than 3 months

-Sturdiness and lightweight - the materials used to produce the paper for milk cartons make it rigid and easy to stack while remaining really low-weight

-Fully recyclable - all packaging components can be recycled for making exercise books, bags, books but also key rings and many more things! For each tree used for producing beverage cartons, 4 new ones are planted in order to safeguard woodland conservation. Each carton is made up of no fewer than 6 layers, each with its own specific function.

Starting with the outer layer of the drinks carton, the materials used are as follows:

1) External polyethylene - protects against humidity.
2) Paper - ensures sturdiness and stability.
3) Polyethylene - adhesive layer.
4) Aluminium - this is an important barrier against light, oxygen and other external agents.
5) Polyethylene - adhesive layer.
6) Polietilene - seals the liquid inside the carton.

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